Your Writing Helper’s services include training other writers. We have a variety of training programs that scale from one-hour sessions to two-day workshops. Topics include:

  • Mastering Write-Ups: Improving articles, papers, and reports
    Documenting past work demands specialized writing skills that accelerate production, enhance communication, and retain professionalism. This class covers outlining, drafting, and revising strategies proven to streamline the writing process and strengthen publications and reports.
  • Simplifying Professional Writing: Honing your message and staying on point
    Communication failures in business decrease productivity, debilitate team effectiveness, and damage reputations. Inversely, excellent communications can attract both customers and talent. This class provides easy-to-apply techniques for avoiding failures and enhancing a company’s brand and workforce.
  • Decrypting Proposals: Harnessing science and rhetoric for success
    Proposals face visual, verbal, and spatial constraints that add stress to already high-stakes situations. Specific strategies can turn these challenges into tools for formulating more competitive proposals. This class strengthens the persuasive appeals writers can use to captivate reviewers and capture funding.
  • Rising Above the Noise: Writing powerful white papers
    Sometimes, changing the world hinges upon placing an innovation in front of the right eyes. This class simplifies white papers by helping writers distill an idea, communicate it to others, and inspire action.
  • Effective Presentations: Landing your message
    Presentations blend written communications with physical performance, so presenters must join words and graphics with delivery to engage listeners. This class covers best practices for visual, verbal, and nonverbal communication to help presenters ace their next public-speaking engagement.
  • Scoring Pitches: The art of the short presentation
    Whether pitching an idea to an investor or trying to impress a supervisor, short-form presenters face specific advantages and challenges. Learn how to navigate the persuasive and audience-specific dynamics at play in the short-form presentation to gain traction and generate interest.
  • Introduction to Creative Nonfiction: Creating and crafting the personal essay
    Writing can serve as an outlet, and creative nonfiction represents an excellent path toward self-expression. This class explores creative essays, provides writers with the tools to craft their own nonfiction, and empowers authors to give voice to their thoughts and ideas.
  • Résumés 201: Building résumés that go above and beyond the basics
    Even when not looking for a new job, professionals often need strong résumés to take advantage of opportunities. This class helps individuals build compelling résumés and CVs to attract collaborators, sponsors, and—yes—future employers.

We have tailored these classes for professional organizations, companies, undergraduate and graduate students, and individuals. Michelle also worked for several years as an online writing tutor and is happy to coach writers one-on-one. Contact Michelle Hubele Rubin to discuss your training needs.