How much do you charge?

My hourly rate corresponds to the type of work I will be doing. Contact me about the specifics of your project so I can better assess the type of expertise you’ll need. Once I know more about your needs, I can provide a not-to-exceed quote for my services. This process usually helps both of us budget time and expense.

How much time do projects take?

Time varies according to a project’s size and complexity. I’ve worked on books that take a couple of hours and bibliographies that take several days—writing coaching projects may take years. Contact me directly to get a more accurate quote on my availability and turnaround.

Are there projects you will not do?

I’m heartily against plagiarism and therefore will not write an academic paper for a client.

That said, I have frequently talked clients through structure/outline considerations for their own work and have acted as a ghostwriter for individuals dictating their book. With my strong background in teaching and creative writing, most clients say that my help makes the next step much easier and less intimidating.

Do you ever teach? 

Yes, and I believe it is a central part of our services.  I can scale classes from one hour to two days, so check out Your Writing Helper’s training page for more information.

Do you do design work, too? What about websites?

While I have designed documents and can work in CSS/html, I recommend that clients work with professional designers/website developers to keep their costs down and their final products beautiful. I have fantastic contacts in my network who can help you, whatever your project.